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Louisiana Crab Cakes 11
House made specialty cakes topped with remoulade sauce...

Fried Mozzarella Cheese sticks 7
6 cheese sticks deep fried and served with marinara sauce

Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Feta 8
Fresh artichokes blended with spinach and feta cheese, served with our crispy house made chips

Fried Eggplant Medalions  8
Italian breaded and fried medallions served with marinara

Soup of the Day - cup or bowl ...5/7


Lunch Plates

Baked Lasagna 9.25
Pasta sheets, fresh marinara, blended cheeses and our made from scratch meat sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo 
creamy Alfredo sauce atop fresh fettuccine pasta
Grilled Chicken Fettuccine 10.50    Shrimp Fettuccine 11

Parmigiana Especiali
Italian breaded shrimp, veal, chicken or eggplant topped with mozzarella and marinara served over angel hair
Shrimp 12/ Veal 13/ Chicken or Eggplant 10

Italian fried chicken 10
With garlic butter over angel hair pasta

Spaghetti & meatballs or Italian sausage 9.25
Homemade meatballs or Italian sausage topped with marinara

Penne Pasta with Rose Sauce 11
Choice of Italian Breaded chicken, shrimp or eggplant 

Local Favorites

Fried Catfish Plate or Shrimp Plate 10
Served with your choice of Fries or Potato Salad, coleslaw and house made tarter 

Blackend Redfish 14
Blackened Redfish served with steamed brocolli and saffron rice
Add crabmeat or grilled shrimp +3

Jambalaya Pasta 10
Our house made smoked sausage and chicken cooked with holy trinity to create this dish, served with penne pasta

Sam's Redbeans and Rice 10
Slow cooked like they should be, served with smoked sausage and cornbread

Shrimp and Grits 10
Smothered shrimp slow cooked in a roux based sauce with holy trinity, tomatoes and seasonings

served over a bed of our famous grits 

Crab and Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo 15
Sauteed shrimp in a creamy alfredo topped with a fried crab cake 

Crisp Salads

Crab Cake Salad 12.50
Homemade with fresh local crab meat, tomato, parmesan cheese, topped with remoulade sauce

Seared Tuna Salad 12
Fresh ahi yellow-fin tuna char-broiled atop fresh mixed greens with tomato & a ginger vinaigrette

Traditional Caesar -7
made with only the freshest ingredients
Add chicken, eggplant or shrimp +3

Apple walnut feta chicken 11
Mixed greens topped with grilled chicken, walnuts, dried cranberries & feta cheese

Greek salad 8
Fresh mixed greens with feta cheese, artichokes, green peppers, red onion, and kalamata olives
Add chicken or shrimp +3

Side Salad or Side Caesar 5


It’s A Wrap!
Served with Fries 

Grilled Tuna wrap 13
Grilled tuna, romaine, cheese blend and ginger vinaigrette

Fried or Grilled Shrimp wrap 11
Shrimp, lettuce, tomato with remoulade sauce

Chicken Caesar wrap 9
Grilled or fried chicken, romaine, cheese and Caesar dressing

Greek Chicken wrap 10
Grilled chicken, romaine, feta, greek olives, balsamic vinaigrette & tomato

Fried Eggplant Wrap 9
Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese and Ranch Dressing 


Po Boys & Sandwiches
Served with Fries 
All Po-boys are on Leidenheimer French Bread 

Da Grinder 10
French bread stuffed with meatballs, sausage, red gravy & cheese

Meatball or Italian Sausage Po Boy 10
Meatballs or Italian sausage, marinara & mozzarella

Chicken or Eggplant Po Boy 11
Italian Breaded Chicken or Eggplant topped with marinara and mozzarella

Veal Parmesan Po Boy 12
Italian Breaded Veal topped with marinara and mozzarella 

Gulf Fried Shrimp Po Boy 11
Dressed with house made tarter, lettuce, & tomato

Fried Catfish Po boy 10
Dressed with lettuce, tomato, and house made tarter 

Turkey, Avocado and Bacon Sandwich 9.25
Fresh roasted turkey, avocado, bacon and cheese with a spicy chipotle aioli spread on a mild jalapeño bun

add a side salad to any entree for 3



Tiramisu ...4.00

Italian Bread Pudding ...4.00

Featured Dessert 5.00


Beverages/ Extras

Steamed Broccoli ...3

bottled water ... 2.25

soft drinks - fountain drinks or iced tea ...2.25

coffee/hot tea ... 2.25


Kids Meals

Grilled Chicken & Marinara Pasta ...6

Spaghetti & Meatball ...6

Crispy Fried Chicken Cutlet & House Cut Fries ..6